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Sir James Hardy



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In this book of the life of one of Australia’s greats, we meet the man who has done so much for his country in many different ways. He brings his story up to date – as the adventurous life of Sir James Hardy continues. As helmsman of the yacht Impetuous in the tragic 1979 Fastnet Race out of England, Jim Hardy, sportsman, winemaker, businessman and family man reached a crossroad in his life. His happy childhood, marred by his father’s early death in a plane crash, led to a passion for sailing and a career in the family wine company. Triumphs like his contribution to Australia II’s victory in the 1983 America’s Cup and his knighthood have been offset by personal tragedies. Jim Hardy, who has always been recognised as a survivor, has his entire life dealt with frankly and sensitively in this biography. ‘If having a knighthood and a coat of arms is supposed to change your attitude towards life then I failed. I always was and always will be the same Jim Hardy.’

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