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Ocean Warriors (Hardcover)


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A breathtaking account of the world’s most gruelling yacht race. the world’s greatest round-the-world yacht race is the Volvo Ocean Race. the men and women who compete have an insatiable appetite for tough competition, danger and the challenge of life-threatening experiences. It is a competition in which they must cover more than 32,000 miles (52,600 km) in nine months and conquer the world s oceans. It s non-stop racing. to win the battle they must overcome the elements – from the mind-bending frustration and oppressive heat of tropical calms, to the icy blasts that drive through the minefield of icebergs deep in the Southern Ocean. this is a story about human endeavour and testing the limits of physical and mental endurance. It’s also the story of team cohesion and racing to the max as we delve inside the struggles and triumphs of one particular team, team News Corp, as they battle to become the world’s best ocean warriors.

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