Hell On High Seas

by Rob Mundle


‘Eclectic collection of disaster at sea stories – brilliantly written – gripping and entertaining’ Lindsay Eaton, goodreads.com ‘


This bestselling maritime classic chronicles some of the most remarkable stories of survival and daring that the world’s oceans have hosted over the past half century.

There are the bizarre, unbelievable accounts of people who went missing and were given up for dead, like the five Mexican fishermen who went to sea for a three day shark-fishing trip and then vanished, only for three of them to miraculously reappear, apparition-like, nine months later.

And there are the incredible survival stories, such as Maurice and Maralyn Bailey, who spent 117 days adrift in a rubber dinghy in the Pacific after their yacht was sunk by a whale, and the extraordinary tales of people risking everything to break world records – such as Kay Cottee, the first woman to sail non-stop and unassisted around the world, and Ken Warby, the fastest man on water.

Hell on High Seas is awash with amazing feats of daring – some verging on madness, others where death is eluded through sheer courage, determination and innovation …or even divine intervention?

Author description

Rob Mundle OAM is a bestselling author, journalist and competitive sailor whose family heritage is with the sea, dating back to his great-greatgrandfather, who was the master of square-riggers. Rob has spent a lifetime combining his passions for sailing and writing.

He has written thirteen books – including the international bestseller FATAL STORM – reported on more than 40 Sydney-to-Hobart yacht races (and competed in three), and covered seven America’s Cups, four Olympics and numerous international events. He is the winner of many sailing championships and has been a competitor in local and international contests.