Genres: Australia, History
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 386 pages
ASIN: B008K127ZC
ISBN: 9780733630422

Matthew Flinders was the first to circumnavigate and chart the treacherous Terra Australis coastline he is the man who put Australia on the map.

Flinders brings to life the fascinating story of this exceptional maritime explorer from the drama of epic voyages and devastating shipwrecks; his part in the naming of Australia; his cruel imprisonment by the French on Mauritius for six long and harrowing years; the heartbreaking separation from his beloved wife; and the comfort he got from his loyal cat, Trim; to his tragic death at just forty, before ever seeing the publication of his life's work.

Flinders is a true hero whose name is forever woven into the fabric of Australian history.

This is a gripping adventure biography in the style of the bestselling Bligh: Master Mariner.

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